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Our Facilities

Teachers can now demonstrate many concepts by using charts, models, aids and interactive activities.

A Storehouse of knowledge providing latest updates, stories and helps maintain the school records.

To meet any untoward occurrence, we have a well equipped infirmary under the charge of a qualified nurse.

Helps the staff to monitor visitors, allowing students to move freely around the campus.

Helps develop critical thinking skills, grow ideas, make creations through playful learning experiences.

Our Events

Highlights of the sports event which took place at Empros International School wherein the students competed against their houses and also learned the value of team spirit and being sportive!

At Empros International School, we celebrated #Christmas by preparing, dancing, eating and enjoying to our fullest! We even performed acts telling the story of Jesus. We made sure children learn while the enjoy what they are doing!

At Empros International School this time, students had a different and fun activity to perform called the Career Dress Up day wherein the students dressed up in a way people of particular profession do and gave information about them.

Empros International School organized an event wherein the children sang duet with their mothers and the fathers enjoyed watching and listening to them. Empros gave a boost to the family bond.

Reading is important, it gives knowledge. But very few emphasize on the skill of 'how to read' which is also an important part of vocal english. Empros International School performed activities which helped the children to enhance their reading skills.


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