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Activities in EIS


At EIS we propose the "Smart Class" concept for the smart generation of today. This is an integration of the 'Touch Screen Board' on the Class Walls making learning - teaching come alive. An experience to last for life..!!!


Sports is glorified and honored at EIS for the moral inspiration and influence it commands over the impressionable and enthusiastic minds of students. Learning skills, team spirit, perseverance, discipline and dedication are best inculcated when students pursue sports in the right manner.

Fitness Programme

Yoga has been incorporated as a part of our classroom activities. This is therapeutic to our present generation of students who live amidst constant peer pressure and tall expectations from all corners.

Value Education

Value Education classes carefully designed and administered at Empros pave way to a more concerted effort to maintain integrity, ethics and moral values among the students. Students learn the importance of a life of purpose as opposed to one of aimlessness.


Empros believes in education within and outside the classroom. Pleasure excursions often take the route of learning, a trend which is manifested and upheld. Besides the moral values of co-operation, co-ordination and camaraderie ecological balance and environmentalism come to fore even at fun filled field trips, It would be at long tours that students of Empros learn the basic values of life: sharing, binding, discipline, obedience, caring for others, spirit of adventure, quest for learning and zeal for participation.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a strong department at Empros making its presence felt every single day with regular checkups and treatment of students who need medical attention. Health and Safety Department have a focused and specific target every month besides the regular priorities.

Information and Communication System

Empros proposes to provide an impeccable and efficient functioning of its website and ERP system where each activity, notice and recent events of the school is accessible for students and parents. The daily upload of home assignment, attendance, remarks and worksheets are of immense help to parents especially those with busy working schedule for they have been empowered with all academic information at the click of a button. The ticket system also enables parents and teachers to maintain a more transparent and convenient way of communication. The ERP notification for each and every notice and information for all events; like trekking and field trips, journey updates, will have garnered huge support and appreciation from the parent community, Technology used in an efficient manner has surely empowered modern parenting Besides these the pre-open House and the Open House will also be all very detailed, honest and constructive sources of information regarding the academic progress of any student.

Assessment System

The continuous Assessment Programme (CAP) at Empros encapsulates attendance, home assignment submission, monthly and regular test score, remark, award, uniform, discipline, attentiveness and many other areas which are concerned with the daily academic functioning of the students. This is a thorough, detailed and balanced internal assessment system used at the international level.

About us

About EMPROS School
EMPROS International school is a forward thinking school which envisions to shape the early education with activity based learning. With things like Smart classrooms, IT wizard programs from NIIT, Personal social health education (PSHE) being just the tip of the ice-berg, EIS is the school you and your kids also wanted. EIS is an institution with cultural value system within a safe, caring, multi-cultural and collaborative learning community.

Why EMPROS School?
What you and your kids always wanted from a school all comes under one roof: #WantMadeHappen. We at EMPROS International School believe in activity and project based learning and we do not want to oppress learning. It is our belief that the children must learn at their own pace and as per their own interests. Essentially, we "Put the child in drivers' seat".

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