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Computer lab

Training children from Grade I to IV, to make them computer savvy, the computer lab is colorfully designed to suit the mood of children. They grow with playing on the computers along with learning various presentations of their level. The school houses modern computer lab with a substantial number of computers equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the students keep abreast with the fast changing IT scenario. The application of IT in the educational sector has expanded the walls of the classrooms and created limitless opportunities for learning and growth through the web based technology. The computer labs add to this fervor of Information Technology.

Maths lab

With Nguru-NIIT Maths Lab,Math Lab Plus, teachers can now demonstrate many concepts by using charts, models, aids and interactive activities, thereby creating in a positive attitude in the students’ mind towards the subject. Through the use of Technology Applications, Videos, Measuring Instruments, Tables and Charts, Math Lab plus offers schools Multiple Teaching and Learning Aids based on three pillars ‘Imagine, Investigate and Interact’.

English Lab

English has emerged as the preferred language of communication in today's world. Schools are looking for ways to ensure that their students are equipped to face challenges in communication, pronunciation and application while learning a language. English lab assists students to build a strong command over English for an effective communication, with clarity and accuracy being the most vital.

About us

About EMPROS School
EMPROS International school is a forward thinking school which envisions to shape the early education with activity based learning. With things like Smart classrooms, IT wizard programs from NIIT, Personal social health education (PSHE) being just the tip of the ice-berg, EIS is the school you and your kids also wanted. EIS is an institution with cultural value system within a safe, caring, multi-cultural and collaborative learning community.

Why EMPROS School?
What you and your kids always wanted from a school all comes under one roof: #WantMadeHappen. We at EMPROS International School believe in activity and project based learning and we do not want to oppress learning. It is our belief that the children must learn at their own pace and as per their own interests. Essentially, we "Put the child in drivers' seat".

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