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Our mission has been laid down since day one. We at EIS want to ensure that each student achieves excellence in academic and personality development along with enlightenment in intelligence and emotional quotients. When it comes to educational methodology, EIS will leave no stone unturned and come up with meaningful, innovative and holistic programs which meet the highest international and ethical standards. In the end all EIS wants to provide is a cultural value system within a safe, caring, multi-cultural, collaborative learning community.

About us

About EMPROS School
EMPROS International school is a forward thinking school which envisions to shape the early education with activity based learning. With things like Smart classrooms, IT wizard programs from NIIT, Personal social health education (PSHE) being just the tip of the ice-berg, EIS is the school you and your kids also wanted. EIS is an institution with cultural value system within a safe, caring, multi-cultural and collaborative learning community.

Why EMPROS School?
What you and your kids always wanted from a school all comes under one roof: #WantMadeHappen. We at EMPROS International School believe in activity and project based learning and we do not want to oppress learning. It is our belief that the children must learn at their own pace and as per their own interests. Essentially, we "Put the child in drivers' seat".

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